How We Work

We use the best techniques to put a polished edge on your blades.

Our master sharpener uses Japanese whetstones in combination with the Edge Pro System to sharpen blades. Some types of blades are sharpened by hand on a whetstone and others are sharpened using a jig for extra precision.

We consider each blade’s unique composition, hardness and heat tolerance when determining the best tool for the job. We default to hand sharpening because of the superior results and only use power tools, such as belt sanders, for items with the durability and steel type to withstand it. The utmost care and attention is given to your blades.

We can sharpen almost anything with an edge; kitchen knives (including serrated), chisels, hunting and fishing knives, axes and hatchets, bevel edge scissors and shears, lawn mower blades and even swords. Items we do not currently service are kitchen knives with micro serrations, chainsaws, convex edge shears, and saw blades.

Cost Chart

**A special handling charge may apply if, due to shape or design, the knife or tool does not work with our set ups.**

Turnaround Time

Most of the time, we can have your blades sharpened and back to you within 48 hours. We pride ourselves in quick turnaround times so that you can get your tools back in action. Rush service may be available – just ask!

Loaner Knife Sets

Getting all your kitchen knives sharpened at the same time just makes sense, but we also realize that it’s tough to be without the kitchen tools you use daily. We’ve got your back! We have super sharp loaner knife sets that you can take home with you while we sharpen yours. There is no additional cost to utilize a loaner set. Availability is limited.

Speciality Options

**Additional Fees May Apply**

Broken Tip

Some broken tips can be reprofiled and repaired. We offer complimentary inspections to help you determine if the tip is repairable.

While-You-Wait Lawnmower Sharpening

Available only during studio drop in hours. See our Events page for upcoming dates and times.


After several sharpenings, the area directly behind the primary cutting bevel becomes too thick causing your knife to behave more like a wedge. We can add a secondary bevel to alleviate this issue.

Edge Guards

These are custom made sleeves for your newly sharpened blades. Made from a variety of materials from felt to burlap to leather, they are useful for transporting sharp knives safely and storing them safely at home. If you store your knives in a drawer at home, you can keep the knife sharper longer with an edge guard. Pitch in dinners, summer BBQs and other events may require you to transport a knife and you can do so safely and in style with our Edge Guards. Not to mention, they can prevent curious kiddos from having an accidental run in with a sharp edge.

Reprofiling Cutting Edges

If you would prefer a bevel angle different than is currently on your knife, we can make that happen.

Chip Repair

Hardened steel edges sometime chip during use. Fixing this requires removing enough steel to move the cutting edge back. We are happy to talk with you about the best way to fix chips in your blade.

Business Hours

9 AM - 9 PM

We are available for appointments 9am – 9pm seven days a week.

Areas We Serve

Avon, Danville, Plainfield, Brownsburg, Indianapolis, Speedway, Coatesville, North Salem, Pittsboro, Greencastle, Mooresville

Where To Find Us

10680 E County Road 100 S,

Indianapolis, IN 46231

The sharpening studio is located near Avon between Raceway Rd and Ronald Reagan Parkway.

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